for back-end mocking

Backing is an application developed to provide a method for mocking your entire backend. Wheter you're application needs to communicatie to an external server or if you're a front-end developer who's waiting for the backend to be build.

Backing comes to the rescue! You can listen on any address with any port, given that both are available, and setup custom responses for each HTTP method.

Features of Backing

Set a custom response body. For each method you're mocking you can set a custom response body. So your GET and POST requests each have different responses just like in the real world.

To make your backend mock even more real life like you're able to add headers for each mocked method. This way you can add a Content-Type for a GET request but leave it out for a DELETE request.

All requests done to the mocked address will be logged. This way you can tell if you're application is requesting the correct address or resource without having to mock the exact resource or HTTP method.

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